Re: Food losses and waste in the context of sustainable food systems - E-consultation to set the track of the study

Krishna Kaphle Canadian Hunger Foundation, Nepal

Rightly pointed, there are two problems:

Loss at farm, transport and storage prior to reaching the plates and loss from plate to garbage. The first issue needs multi approach in infrastructure development, technology adoption to sustainable harvesting. The second matter needs education right from crib and the most important thing is to remodel the way of life. Sustainable, healthy choices of food and lifestyle needs to be first implanted/established upon parents/teachers/community leaders and whoever that can influence generations to come. 

Media, entertainment, education and everything else needs to have that dimension of "do you care" and "how will you do your part" challanges and competition. Stressing on nature and outdoor education (doses of Vitamin N), right to play and instill the values of colours, smells and nutrition should be incorporated in early education.

Let us all think about the problem and do our part, changing one person at a time begining with self.