Re: Food losses and waste in the context of sustainable food systems - E-consultation to set the track of the study

Rosana Perrotti Brazil

Dear all,

Hope you are doing fine.

I'd like to contribute with this subject, by presenting a sustainable solution to avoid food losses and waste and,  to participate in the Project Team for this report.

Let me please introduce myself. I have about 20 years experience with the food sector (Agriculture, Food Industry &  Supermarkets), in Brazil and Europe and, during the last five years, I have organized a group of very qualified people (also available), interested on finding  sustainable solutions to avoid wasting food  and to attend the critical issue with hunger, starvation and malnutrtion, at the same time.  The  solution found was entitled as a benchmarking of green economy, by  ICC - International Chamber of Commerce,  during the Rio+20 event in Brazil, last year. Please see page 129 of the attached file: ICC-Green economy and a presentation of the Project. 

In my opinion, the food industry has no means to forecast their sales with 100% of accuracy. Therefore, very difficult to avoid food waste as part of the whole process of commercializing food, specially in countries with geographical dimensions,  as Brazil.

The limited period of commercialization is one of the reasons of food waste (which applies to differents laws in differents counties): In Brazil, in order to avoid the penalties of selling products after the expiration date, the food products are taken out of the shelves days or even weeks before the expiration. From the shelves,  they go for the incineration or landfills most of them, still in good quality. So, the solution we are presenting is to act before the food deteriorates. Through this solution, we are able to extend the shelf life up to two years, by introducing innovative technologies. The good news about this process is that it's economically viable since we can convert the cost of discarting into cost of benefiting food and,  at the end we have a very high quality food to combate hunger.

I'd be delighted to be part of your team and to present this solution to your audience.

I am including further information here and attached to this message.

Many thanks to your attention.

Kind regards,

Rosana Perrotti
Founder of Plataforma SINERGIA

See the attachment: fome_english_2013_01.pdf