Re: Pertes et gaspillages alimentaires dans le contexte de systèmes alimentaires durables - Consultation électronique pour définir l’axe de l’étude

Hannah Semler Spora Sinergies, Spain

In the past ten years my expertise has focused on ethnographic research methods exploring human ecological problems such as food waste. My latest research project on food waste in the retail business has provided me with key insight to contribute research ideas on strategically designed communications strategies between retailers and consumers that can influence wasteful behaviors. Retailers are in a strategic position to influence consumption patterns through little nudges that can lead to a collective behavioral change. A sign reading “Bananas for Banana Bread” can completely undo the complex problem of when to replace day-old bananas on display with ones on the verge of decay. Our team of social consultants at Spora Sinergies, work collaboratively with Citizen and Multi-stakeholder Participatory Research Methodologies, leading to suggestions for innovative strategies the food industry can implement to solve the uncertainty of the market system while best satisfying the needs of consumers.