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e-Agriculturee-Agriculture is a catalyst for knowledge sharing about the role of ICT in sustainable agriculture and rural development. Over 8,000 registered members from 160 countries share resources, news and events, blog about experience, and hold detailed discussions in online forums about community-identified topics in 3 languages.

RTF logoRight to Food

The Right to Food team supports the implementation of the human right to adequate food, using FAO’s Right to Food Guidelines. It develops methods and instruments to assist stakeholders in the implementation of the right to food and information and training materials to raise awareness and understanding by rights holders, duty bearers, civil society and the general public.

FAO - Civil Society Collaboration

FAO - Civil Society CollaborationFAO acknowledges the critical role that the civil society has in the fight against hunger. The Partnerships with the Civil Society and Private Sector Branch (OCEP) has the mandate to enhance the quality, number and impact of FAO’s partnerships and collaborations with Social Movements, People’s Organizations, NGOs, producer organizations, associations and community based organizations at the global, regional and national level. These collaborations are the most effective way in reaching the poor and ensuring that their voices are heard and taken into account when fighting food insecurity and poverty.

Food for the Cities

Food for the Cities logoEnsuring food and nutrition security for urban dwellers is a major challenge.
The “Food for the Cities” open global network brings together 1000+ actors from the public and private sectors and the civil society to share experiences, develop projects and support advocacy for food systems approach with stronger urban-rural linkages.

Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition

The Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition (AAHM) is a global aahmvoluntary
partnership that works towards the creation of National and Regional Alliances
which bring together multiple stakeholders involved in the fight against hunger and malnutrition to achieve strategic coordination of food and nutrition security actions. The Alliance provides a platform where those who run top-down and bottom-up development initiatives can meet in a neutral and open environment, share knowledge, establish networks and, through unity, increase their visibility,
recognition and impact.

The Food Security Information Network (FSIN)

fsin In October 2012, FAO, IFPRI and WFP officially launched the Food SecurityInformation Network (FSIN) to enable developing countries to build sustainable food and nutrition information systems.  FSIN has established a global community of practice (CoP) linking a broad range of partners to facilitate the exchange of experiences and field practices in food security and nutrition information and analysis among national, regional and other global or thematic networks. is the platform supporting the FSIN initiative and the FSIN CoP, which includes representatives of national, regional or global institutions, NGOs and individual food security professionals.

Land Portal logoLand Portal

The International Land Coalition (ILC) and are the originators of the Land Portal, an easy access, easy-to-use platform to share land related information, to monitor trends, and identify information gaps to promote effective and sustainable land governance. 

Agriculture - Nutrition Community of Practice

Agriculture-Nutrition Community of Practice logoWe are a global network of professionals working on issues pertaining to the intersection of agriculture and nutrition. The group is informal, and designed to facilitate information sharing and networking. We have thematic conference calls, a website & an announcement-oriented email list. 

Solution Exchange India - Food and Nutrition Security Community

Solution Exchange India logoThe FNS community of practice of Solution Exchange India is hosted by FAO that fosters focused and constructive collaborations and facilitates live networking on pertinent food and nutrition security issues. As query-based moderated mail group, it picks up discussion topics from practitioners that leads to practical and specific outcomes. The community is an example of sustainable form of knowledge sharing where the extension agents seek solutions to their problems from sector experts.

Community for Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture

Community for Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture logoThis Community of Practice builds a network for practitioners who work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. The Community facilitates the development and adoption of sustainable mitigation practices in agricultural production systems.