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Re: Innovations in agriculture to improve nutrition. Share your success stories

Wajid Pirzada
Wajid PirzadaSAFWCO FoundationPakistan

SAFWCO( has employed  over last 28 years multifaceted approach to food security in rural areas of Sindh, Pakistan. This involved provision of  agricultural inputs & implements, development of water channels & culverts, extension of credit facility for agro-livestock development, community physical instructure(CPI) development- farm to road links, seed banks, sprinkle irrigation, value chain management and much more.

Recently, with growing poverty in urban & periurban areas and consequently development of urban slums SAFWCO has started focusing on urban food & nutrition security alongside rural food security using an innovative approach.

SAFWCO successfully interoduced hydroponics in an Urban slum in Hyderabad Sindh,inhabited by minority ethnic community-Hindus,  have imparted the female households members vocational training (stiching) and provided them sewing machines to earn their livelihoods in addition to WASH infrastructure  developed in this slum area known as Ghera Basti ('Settlement in Siege').

Ghera Basti community earlier lived in totally disconnect from mainstream, with their dwellings built around a narrow strip of  dark & long street  with no latrines and drinking water facilities.

Male members used to sell second hand repaired clothings over bicycles, while  the female  HH members spent their time in those poor shelter homes.

The community after social mobilization by SAFWCO has organised itself as CBO and devlopment of hydroponics as kitchen gardening facility and vocational training to female community members has helped overcome malnutrition among especially lactating & pregnant mothers, young girls & children.

SAFWCO now looks for support to further develop the infrastucture and capacity of community living in the Ghera Basti.