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Re: Nutrition-enhancing agriculture and food systems

Ryan Nehring
Ryan NehringCornell University, IFPRI, UNDP-IPCUnited States of America

Dear all, 

The creation of a decentralized food system through institutional markets and procurement incorporates local control, participation and increased access to nutritional and culturally-appropriate food. Brazil's Food Aquisition Program (Programa de Aquisição de Alimentos - PAA) is a case in which the federal government funds the procurement of food from family farmers based on numerous modalities at different scales.

More recently, this experience has expanded to a pilot programme in five African countries under cooperation of the FAO Brasil, WFP, the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and African governments (Malawi, Senegal, Niger, Mozambique and Ethiopia - A PAA-style policy strengthens local economies, producer organizations and cooperatives as well as the relationship between different levels of government and civil society.

I encourage you all to look at a study we undertook at the UNDP - International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth that looks at the process of scaling-up the PAA in Northeastern Brazil. Thank you, 

Ryan Nehring

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