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Re: Nutrition-enhancing agriculture and food systems

B.P.Gangadhara swamy
B.P.Gangadhara swamy CCF-IndiaIndia

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please find my contribution for the current topic
1. Special packages for poor farmers who grows minor millets, vegetables and fruits.  Free supply of seeds and fertilizers and ensuring buy back system.
2. When government is supplying free seeds of any food crop to farmers, let it be mixed with minor millets, leafy vegetable seeds, oil crop seeds in it. Then farmers will grow it and will harvest different crops, which are nutritional and it will get them extra incomes.
3. Some of countries like India are supplying grains at low prices to poor people. Instead of supplying whole grains, let the government introduce both whole grain and also the flour containing cereals, pulses and oil crops. People will make nutritious bread, chapatti, any food recipe out of that, which is nutritious.
4. Women are the custodians of food practices, let the government involve women in all policy making decisions.
5. Develop area wise agriculture plans to ensure to demand and supply of nutrient food crops within the area, to minimize the costs of production and transport.
6. Develop the good storage and value addition activities to ensure the food supply throughout the year.
7. Bring very strict laws to stop food wastage at hotels, during functions and ceremonies.
8. Fix the food quantities at hotels, in most of the hotels they supply huge quantities of food, which cannot eaten by single person to get more money from him. Hence strict laws should be brought to minimize these food wastage.
With Regards