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Re: What is the role of social relations and networks in household food security and nutrition?

Come, we need to end our discussion in style

To date, you have shared information on the different roles played by social relations and networks in food security: helps us define the quality of our communities, determine outcomes from development projects, enables members to spread risk, an important tool for education, and a way through which to understand a people, among many other roles.

To conclude our discussions,

Please pick one or two roles listed above or generate a new one and provide details on how you would like to see social relations and networks applied in the future.

Example: In the future I would like to see more nutritionists use social networks as a  vehicle for educating and sharing information with mothers. The information can be in the form of the different food groups, food combinations to achieve a balanced diet, foods of nutritional value to infants, for prenatal, postnatal periods etc, etc.  

That way, each one of us leaves the on-line discussion table with a self-assigned activity to implement.

Eileen Omosa