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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the political outcome document of the ICN2

Paul von Hartmann
Paul von HartmannCalifornia Cannabis MinistryUnited States of America

Dear FAO/WHO Joint Secretariat,

Thank you for your invitation and the opportunity to input into this important effort.

Cannabis hemp agriculture appears to be essential for making a critical difference in the global food equation. A thorough analysis of hemp seed nutrition is urgently needed.

Existing drug policies regarding 'marijuana' have resulted in hemp's unrealized potential as an adaptable food crop, capable of producing abundance throughout its vast, global distribution.

From a basic objective, comprehensive assessment of the nutritional value of the whole, unheated Cannabis plant, to the ecological necessity of Cannabis agriculture in mitigating climate change; this subject has been clouded and suppressed by institutional falsehoods, resulting in widespread public misconceptions.

I invite all forum participants to investigate the nutritional profile of hemp seed as a starting point for further discussion and understanding.

Best wishes,

Paul J. von Hartmann

Cannabis scholar

Weed, California