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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the political outcome document of the ICN2

Siti Muslimatun
Siti MuslimatunSEAMEO RECFON University of IndonesiaIndonesia

1. In point 7, I suggest to delete ‘diabetes’ as diabetes is an outcome of malnutrition.

2. point 10, I suggest to add ‘diverse’ to become: Acknowledge that food systems should produce more nutritious and diverse foods …

    The idea is that the food system shall also produce diverse food to ensure food diversity.

3. Point 21, to also include human resource development in nutrition in the commitment. This is to overcome that some countries or areas within a country do not have enough number and quality of human resource to deliver nutrition interventions and also in nutrition policy development.

4. I do not know where to put, but I would like to include reducing the gaps of nutritional problems between the poor and the affluent groups or in other words, equity is taken care in the nutrition policy and program.