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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the political outcome document of the ICN2

Salwa Al sharjabi
Salwa Al sharjabiOrganization/WHOYemen

1. Do you have any general comments on the draft political declaration and its vision (paragraphs 1-3 of the zero draft)?  

Though Paragraphs from 1-3 mentioned briefly the threats of malnutrition as a major challenge to global development , but it was well organised and has included all types of malnutrition and their hazards.

2. Do you have any comments on the background and analysis provided in the political declaration (paragraphs 4-20 of the zero draft)?

Related to paragraph 17 in some developing countries including my own country, the problem exceeds not only the lack or absence of A governmental political commitment, or establishing a national nutrition strategies. Strategies are well written on papers, but the main problem is in implementing those strategies or following them up. There should be a clear role of each sector in the governments( ministries, NGOs, GOs  etc) based on  involving their tasks in a way to make it easy to follow up, monitor  and supervise the commitment of each one and find up the gaps or reasons behind any defect.

Commitment I: aligning our food systems (systems for food production, storage and distribution)to people’s health needs;

It was important that nutrition surveillance was mentioned in paragraph 20, the fact that food system should be aligned with people’s health needs should be applied due to a very clear picture of community needs based on accurate information on the current situation in the community  for instance ( type of micronutrient deficiencies in society, more vulnerable and affected groups etc.) Thus any interventions should be based on reliable data which is still missing in Most of developing countries especially Yemen 

Commitment IV: ensuring that nutritious food is accessible, affordable and acceptable through the coherent implementation of public policies throughout food value chains.

It’s quite important to explain more about the methods of applying public policies throughout food value chains, since food value chains includes several steps from the production and distribution and marketing then consuming the long process and the involvement of different actors or authorities in such chain should be in the picture each one knowing his role.

Commitment V: establishing governments’ leadership for shaping food systems.        

Government’s leadership is highly required, but need to be not only mentioned in written policies, Advocacy for policy makers in adopting nutrition issues should be prioritized , in order to guarantee the process of  normal leadership of the system.

Commitment VI: encouraging contributions from all actors in society;              

Contribution of actors in many times is presented, but it’s also important to mention the lack of coordination or communication between those actors.