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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the political outcome document of the ICN2

Hana Bekele
Hana BekeleWHOZimbabwe

Hana provided edits on the draft Accord and proposed an additional commitment: 

Recognize that a framework for collective commitment, action and results is needed to improve people’s nutrition, particularly that of women and children, and agree to the following commitments:

  1.  revise nutrition policies so that they comprehensively address the double burden of malnutrition;
  2. establish effective intersectoral governance mechanisms for implementation of nutrition policies at national and local levels that contribute towards policy integration across sectors;
  3. engage local governments and communities in the design of plans to expand nutrition actions and ensure their integration in existing community programmes;
  4. ensure  the national nutrition priority programs are  developed based on evidence based interventions to improve infant, young child, adolescents and  maternal nutrition using the life cycle approach;
  5.  etc……
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