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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the political outcome document of the ICN2

Ornella Lincetto
Ornella LincettoWHOPapua New Guinea

1.            Do you have any general comments on the draft political declaration and its vision (paragraphs 1-3 of the zero draft)?     

Paragraph 1:

Consider adding link between malnutrition and communicable diseases.

Paragraph 2:

Consider being a bit more specific on micronutrient deficiencies

Not only women but also pre-school children are affected by anemia with negative impact on their learning capacity

Paragraph 3:

It is not clear enough. Consider divide better content between three main issues: food production/agriculture, food consumption/diversity of diet, food distribution/market forces.

The issue of market forces influencing production and distribution is missed.

Consider adding a 4th paragraph on what is known/solutions to improve nutrition and benefits of  investing in actions to improve nutrition.

2.            Do you have any comments on the background and analysis provided in the political declaration (paragraphs 4-20 of the zero draft)?            

Consider adding reference to market forces influencing production and commercialization thus availability of food and the need of strengthening the regulatory framework including effective enforcing mechanisms and monitoring systems in countries.

Paragraph 4:

Consider adding estimate of lives saved and disability averted by investing in nutrition interventions.

Paragraph 7:

Delete “maintain” in relation to prevalence of wasting.

Add “hypertension” to obesity, diabetes in the last sentence.

Paragraph 9 and 10: market forces play also an important role, people produce what can be consumed and sold.

Paragraph 9:

Add processes with which food is “marketed”

Paragraph 10:

Add “commercialization” to food processing

Paragraph 11: there are many concept in the same paragraph, consider divide in two.

Paragraph 12:

Add “investment, trade, and finance” to the list of sectors

Paragraph 14:

Add concept of “functional enforcement mechanisms” to the concept of regulatory framework

Paragraph 15:

The content is not very clear. Consider focusing on building evidence on effective policies and interventions.

Paragraph 16:

Add global goals/commitments/standards at the end of the sentence.

Paragraph 20:

As part of the accountability mechanism suggest adding indicators on investment or cost benefit of selected policies/interventions.

3.            Do you have any comments on the commitments proposed in the political declaration? In this connection, do you have any suggestions to contribute to a more technical elaboration to guide action and implementation on these commitments (paragraphs 21-23 of the zero draft)?

Please provide your comments in the appropriate fields relating to these commitments:    


Commitment I: aligning our food systems (systems for food production, storage and distribution) to people’s health needs;              

add specific reference to marketing, as this can be regulated

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