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Re: The future of food security and climate change in Malawi

Susan Nyirenda
Susan NyirendaPhysical Planning Dept,Box 30385, LilongweMalawi

What I meant by utilising the idle young adults to participate in development is that we can borrow the concept of the Young Pioneers Bases during the one party rule, the system had its positive contributions. There are some of these Bases which have been abundoned and some have been turned into Refugee Camps, if they could be revamped into Effective Agricultural and Technical Training Centres, we won't be running short of foods in Hospitals, Government Boarding Institutions as it were in those days though there is an increase in annual intakes. We used to have good diets really especially in high academic institutions. I feel these were contributing alot towards food security and surplus yields were stored in government shelters to be distributed to ADMARC depots for people to buy at a fair and affordable price, some surplus yields could be exported to other countries in need hence strengthening our currency. The young adults had double benefits i.e. acquisition of skills and self employment when they go back to there home villages hence contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation as whole.

All in all, for this to be well implemented and be effective, there is need for a strong political will and proper decision-making by the experties in the different economic circles. Sustainable natural resources conservation, where we are also involved much as physical planners, how we use and locate our land and the resources available is greatly desired. We can have good plans on the paper but usually implement something different out of the planned development strategy. It is really sad that things go this way.