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Re: The future of food security and climate change in Malawi

Frank Musa
Frank MusaLilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesMalawi

The two scenarios (Mbombo and Wokankha) can be the most possible routes for Malawi to move from Wotsalira to Mkaka ndi Uchi. The most likely path that can be anticipated is through Wokankha scenario as mbombo scenario cannot entirely work in Malawi courtesy of donor influence and memories of brutal one party regime in the past. However we can anticipate some elements of Mbombo scenario evidenced by cases of corruption and mismanagement of public funds by politicians, their business cohorts and high ranked government officials.

Evolution of Agricultural and Natural resources policies has proved that previous and current policies primarily focus on short term improvements rather that long term sustainability of agricultural production and food security. Recognition of the need for long term policies with strategic partnership as well as strong political will to transform the nation from Wotsalira scenario to Mkaka ndi Uchi is need most at the moment. These are the major determinants of how and when the nation can get to Mkaka ndi Uchi scenario.

Frank Musa Lilongwe University of Natural Resources and Agriculture (Bunda College) – Malawi