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Re: The future of food security and climate change in Malawi

Sophie Mahonya
Sophie MahonyaMalawi

In my opinion, there are a lot of obstacles to development in Malawi such as population growth, high poverty levels, reliance on rain fed agriculture/production which is currently facing challenges due to climate variability such as unpredictable onset of rains (erratic rainfall) floods, and prolonged dry spells. Furthermore, population growth will pose a challenge because economic growth, food security achievements will be compromised and as a country we will fail to meet the requirements due to pressure on limited resource base. To deal with poverty governance issues should be addressed because without good governance economic growth can not be achieved. Additionally, there are quite a number of challenges in the agriculture sector which is the pillar for Malawi's economy, the smallholder dominated agriculture is experiencing inadequate agricultural extension services, though some of the farmers benefit from the subsidy programme, there is more to be done to make it more efficient.

As a country we should move from handouts to economic empowerment of the vulnerable groups, women, youths so that they have established ways of getting out of poverty. Government policies should be tailor made to address these issues. With the current scenario we will not move forward as a country. However a paradigm shift would help to change things, those on the driving seat should move away form the business as usual scenario to change to Wotsalira to Wokankha and finally Mkakandiuchi.

The Government should seriously consider doing more to promote the management of the environment and natural resources which are forming part of the already fragile ecosystems so that the services offered by these systems are sustainable for maintenance of human well - being.