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Re: Examining the linkages between trade and food security: What is your experience?

Kien Nguyen Van
Kien Nguyen VanPlant Resources Center (PRC)Viet Nam

Hi everyone,

I think this is an interesting topic for discussion. However, I am not sure there is any expert could share their experience in this issue because we are talking to the future after trade agreements related to food security.

In my opinions, term of food security is also under top national security of any country. Therefore, every country will have their national strategy to ensure their food security under trade agreements. Maybe developed country will focus on technology and science as well as environment friendly production practices to increase value of food and standard from low cost. Whereas, developing countries will have to face to great issues such as seedling, technology, administration, legal and sustainable environment. All of them will make food in developing countries will higher than at developed countries. But in earlier stage  it will be supported by cheap cost of natural resources and environmental use. After this time, price of food will increase fast and high in these countries because cheap cost also go together with not sustainability.

In general, the linkage in earlier time will affect actively to four dimensions for global consumers and producers  both but long term will be great challenges to consumers and producers in developing countries. Then, we hope that international institutions and developing countries should prepare/develop suitable strategies/ approaches in the future. Specially, in beginning of trade agreements to exploit/attract and use effectively the investment flows to escape the trap of the trades.

I am sure that globalization is an indispensable orientation of history that help use every source  in the most safety but it also requires  acceptance from members. 

Best regards,