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Re: Climate Change, Food Security and Nutrition

Barry Cohen
Barry CohenUnited States of America


Algae is one solution today to help third-world counties become self-sustainable.  Algae can be made into nutraceuticals Omega 3 EPA/DHA, cosmetics, feed, food, bioplastics and potential fuels. One to two grams per day of high protein Spirulina can totally end malnutrition in children.  

The National Algae Association is the first non-profit education and algae production trade association in the world.  We are made up of commercially-minded algae researchers, algae farmers and equipment companies.

We are scaling-up algae farms for food and feed throughout the US and the world.  We also have members currently co-located at coal-fired power plants and cement plants sequestering CO2. Algae farms can be built on non-arable acreage and recycle over 80% of all water used using less water than traditional farming.  Algae is also used to clean wastewater. 

Algae farms can be built today with no additional research or technology.  We provide job training, research/testing and equipment providers to scale-up algae farms and inddor algae biomanufacturing.

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