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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition • FSN Forum

Re: FSN Forum policy dialogues: Contributing to food security and nutrition policy processes at country and regional level

Raymond Enoch
Raymond EnochNigeria

1. There is no doubt that FSN has grown and expanded rapidly since its creation as a policy improvement platform at Global,Regional and Nationals

2.Going forward from 2015 ,FSN can engage more and define more of that engagement with stakeholders at Global.,Regional and National levels to ensure that specific Food and Nutrition Security decision are not seen to be working but are visibly and tangibly contributing to realities of impacts they are set to achieve

3.FSN has demonstrated its abilities to serve as a tool of policy and decision making in terms of bridging the gaps and knowledge of stakeholders .Therefore ,National level effort should be intensified through information sharing with policy makers .INGOs,Intergovernmental institutions like ECOWAS for West Africa,CARECOM,SADC,AFDB etc

4. National Alliances and other regional bodies in West Africa will continue to play an active role in this process's

Thank You
Raymond Enoch
NAAHM Nigeria