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Re: Harnessing the benefits of ecosystem services for effective ecological intensification in agriculture

Kien Nguyen Van
Kien Nguyen VanPlant Resources Center (PRC)Viet Nam

Hi everyone,

In my opinion, we are trying to manage and develop ecosystem services at different levels, with different approaches, methods under sustainable development goals (environment, food security and culture) because at different development, cultural and social levels, we will have various overviews,  approaches to ecosystem services.  Then, we should deliver some questions:

1. How many ecosystem types are there (natural, artificial, semi artificial, etc.)?

2. Backgrounds of stakeholders and linkages of stakeholders in developing ecosystem services

3. How will benefits of ecosystem services be shared with stakeholders?

4. Whether do ecosystem services provide enough livelihood and food for participant farmers? 

For instance, in the case of longstanding and traditional ecosystems, their services will focus on indigenous knowledge, community culture and diversity of biology, geography, landscape, etc.  But how can farmers join these activities to get money for themselves? I think that stakeholders should take farmers direct participation in this activities. Throughout, these farmers will get more livelihood from their agricultural sectors. 

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Plant Genebank Management Division
Plant Resources Center (PRC)
An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi, Vietnam