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Re: Urbanization, Rural Transformation and Implications for Food Security - Online consultation on the background document to the CFS Forum

Kien Nguyen Van
Kien Nguyen VanPlant Resources Center (PRC)Viet Nam

Dear All,

It is nice to sharing knowledge, experience and interest to a pressing topic in developing countries. I just have 3 suggested points

1. Should planning, design to integrate multi-purposes of sub-areas inside and outside of cities including landscapes (meadow, ponds. lakes, ect), parks. entertainment places, ect for food production. 

This could strengthen awareness and action of society to food issues;

Agriculture production in inner city could help to solve social issues in developing countries such as conserve culture, villages, pollutions, ect

2. Estimate food needs to develop plan of food production or delivers;

3. architect and planners  should integrate green, economic, social, cleaning recycle solutions in their thinkings including food security. This will save resources and environment cost 

Best regards,


Mr. Nguyen Van Kien
Plant Genebank Management Division