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Re: Open discussion on the first draft work programme of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition

Yemisi Jaiyeola
Yemisi JaiyeolaTOFTEH WORLDNigeria

Dear Christine Campeau,

What we need presently now is action. There is need to start with immediate effect,  if we are going to achieve all this beautiful plan. According to Christine Campeau,  the sense of urgency to act is very essential.

We can always start with campaign,  with good headlines,  like " stop searching for luxury jobs,  embrace farming ". Make 3million naira within three years,  starting capital is two hundred and fifty thousand naira. .. Get loan now and payback latter.  e.t.c. with captures that will get the attention of young graduates and the unemployed.

Let's get this started in the urban centres and we can camp these people and do it in form ot training school,  where by,  examinations will be conducted and only the outstanding and ready-made candidates will proceed to the next stage.

They will be posted to departments based on their performance ranging from, crop....livestock. ...processing....preservations.

Let them know that the days of white collar jobs are over and  high time to engage themselves in farming.

Different types of training in conjunction with the small and medium enterprises development agency  (SMEDA) will be meaningful and produced a very good results,  in fact nearly 90% successfully, if well implemented.

Since we all know that the days of Nigeria's dependence on crude oil are over. If we let the young people know that the days of oil boom and white collar jobs are over. That if we concentrate and put more effort on the agricultural sector,  the lamentation about food scarcity and employment opportunities will be over. Much more than we realise on crude oil can be made also in agricultural sector.

This programme has to take off like an empowerment programme for young people and the unemployed to embrace it and run with it.

We must start now.

Yemisi Jaiyeola.