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Re: How can value chains be shaped to improve nutrition?

Valentine  Obiasogu
Valentine Obiasogu University of Ibadan & The International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences, IITA agripreneur. Nigeria

In the Nigerian context where the majority of food produced locally is produced by peasant farmers, storage and transportation means will be of utmost importance. The 2015 Buhari-Oshibanjo campaign idea towards repositioning agriculture in Nigeria brought about a good idea of which no implementation has been made to the best of my knowledge. The locals produce, the government buys from them, stores or export or sell to the public. It is the smartest idea in the Nigerian context. Silos wouldn't be filled with rodents and the federal agricultural system will be set on track. Recently, the Udotong Brothers of the Releaf Group contacted me on working with them. The fact is that the realities of the agricultural system in Nigeria is porous, it's in the fabric. Jehiel Oliver's Hello tractor for IITA young agripreneurs is still on hold because the sponsors at all levels want a cut. The most promising is improving the storage and transportation. In that way, the ones produced will be put to effective use and the ones to be produced later will be stored.