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Re: Sustainable Farming Systems for Food and Nutrition Security

Pierrette J Cazeau
Pierrette J CazeauHaiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation IncUnited States of America

Good Morning All

Thank you very much for accepting my application to be a member also a great opportunity to expose our micro-economic agriculture program. Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc is a Global Humanitarian 501 C 3 Non-Profit Organization also ECOSOC Special. 2017

Question # 4. What interventions do you think are needed to increase the agriculture sector resilience to environmental stressors, especially among smallholder farmers?

To answer to the question

A) Major disasters have the potential to disrupt economies and go beyond the local damage to infrastructure.

B) Most business must rely to some extent on goods and services originating from other parts of the world, and most geographical area of the world will have different levels of natural disaster risk. 

     1) Uninsured loss of a dollar that will be unavailable for investment and business growth.

     2) Assistant affected employees to recover for their own wellbeing

     3) Human cost as fatalities and injuries caused by natural disasters can disrupt businesses. 

In conclusion our goal is to train the local population to know to discern the value of their own agriculture and this will allow them understand the necessity and importance of growing food to meet the needs of another country. 

Pierrette J Cazeau, MBA, MHA, Post-Doctoral
Global Public Health Diplomat
President/Founder & CEO