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Re: Sustainable Farming Systems for Food and Nutrition Security

Kuruppacharil V. Peter
Kuruppacharil V. PeterKerala Agricultural UniversityIndia

"Sustainable farming system for food and nutrition security" is a topic of current relevance when land under farming gets reduced, irrigation water scarce, farm labour costly, incidences of pests and diseases becoming more prevalent, farmers suicide blotting civilized nations, global hunger index going down in highly populated countries like India. Gandhi the father of Indian nation called for selfsufficiency in family food and nutrition availability by making use of available space in the house, use of water and waste for farming and household members providing farm labour. Called variously as kitchen garden, backyard garden, nutrition garden and now hydroponics, aeroponics, rain shelter farming, vertical gardening etc., the sustainable farming system is providing both physical and mental health and wellness. Vegetable and fruit growing is a therapy for the aged, mentally retarded and depressed. In Ayurveda system of medical treatment, consumption of fruits and vegetables is advocated. Hidden hunger becoming a global concern, kitchen garden can play a positive role.