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Re: Sustaining the Impact of Capacity Development Initiatives for African Youth in Agriculture

Musa Usman Musa
Musa Usman Musa Kano state agricultural and rural development authority Nigeria

In response to your question based on my previous post; what are they lessons, if any that have you learned from your post-capacity development initiatives that you could further share on this Forum?

There are numerous lessons learned from our post-capacity development initiatives, below are some of them:

(1) The majority of farmers (youth) are willing to engage in agribusiness, but they don't have the capital strength to start up.

(2) Most of our youths have the agribusiness skills.

(3) Youth are always ready to participate in an activities that can improve their livelihood.

(4) Lack of continuity retards progress

(5) You can be rich when you engage in farming

(6) Top-down approach should be avoided, while bottom up should be encouraged.

(7) Agribusiness is the appropriate channel to alleviate poverty