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Re: Sustaining the Impact of Capacity Development Initiatives for African Youth in Agriculture

Yves Stephane Ngaleu
Yves Stephane Ngaleu ENJEAL NYS AGRO Cameroon

One of the biggest challenge youth face after going through specific CD initiative is lack of support, it could be moral, equipment and / or financial. In Cameroon, there is a project call "Programme de Promotion de l'Entrepreneuriat Agropastoral des Jeunes ", this program empowers youth for three months and at the end of their capacity development on good agricultural practices, management and how to write a project, they will present a project that is going to be financed as follows: government supports 50% of the total capital, the youth brings 10% of the total capital and there a loan of 40% by a microfinance Institute.

Often after the training some youth are not able to mobilise their 10%, some doesn't have guaranty for the loan. But those who are able to benefit from this opportunity, create job for their self and for other youth in their community. They are able to transfer what they acquire to other youth and serve as examples and model for the future beneficiaries of the program.