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Re: Sustaining the Impact of Capacity Development Initiatives for African Youth in Agriculture

Philip Ifejika
Philip Ifejika National Institute for Freshwater Fisheries ResearchNigeria

Dear  Justin,

For clarification on SIWES programme for undergraduate student, our role is limited with the training while lecturers from the school come for monitoring. At the end of the training, students return to their schools. To best of my knowledge, Institute don't provide post SIWES support.

However, on personal relationship with some students we provide mentorship. For instance, in July this year, a student from Bayelsa State contacted me on water quality kits while another female student from Makurdi sought my advise on taking up job to manage a fish farm.

Another case is a male student that I linked to an aquaprieneur to manage a modern fish farm in Anambra State due to our relationship after SIWES. Also, I am aware of some that asked for fingerlings, fish processing, management practices.