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Re: Sustainable Farming Systems for Food and Nutrition Security

Aklilu Nigussie
Aklilu Nigussie Ethiopian Institutes of Agricultural ResearchEthiopia

1. Yes; we are working on farming system in Ethiopia with sub dividing it with different crop and livestock farming system. For instance at present we are analyzing some part of the data like Teff and wheat farming system with thousands of sample households. This data set has environmental histories and climate variability impact on the household. Furthermore; new varieties compatibility and changes within the last 25 years in the farming system.

4. Here the intervention may vary according to the degree of impact and other variables. Yet; this could help generalizing the concept;-

  • Develop a planning tools on forecasting the variability trend
  • Integrate climatic information to the farming community level or village hubs
  • Develop agricultural modules or technics of manuals for climate adaptation with indigenous knowledge and scientific means
  • Integrated research and community based knowledge for low moisture technologies in variety and breed
  • integrating crop and livestock diversification; and so many other techniques