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Re: Sustaining the Impact of Capacity Development Initiatives for African Youth in Agriculture

Aklilu Nigussie
Aklilu Nigussie Ethiopian Institutes of Agricultural ResearchEthiopia


It's an interesting policy issue that you brought on board; which a vicious circle effect. 

1. In Ethiopia though policies are in most cases driven by the interests of politicians yet youths partcipate in the agricultural production by their own notice to create capital especially on the irrigated farmining system. Most of the commercial agricultural system is monopolized with invisible inteference of politicians for instance the poultry sector in country. If the government create an enabling environment it will craft not only production increament on a competative base it also have the ability to absorb unemployment and other circular effects in the economy system at macro level. 

2. There is no any plat form that I know of especially for agriculture youth but there are political issue plat form for youth. This is more African type of problem to be solved that needs an attention at a policy level.

3. On some condition rewards can have negative impacts unless caution is under taken for many reasonal level of objectives. Rewards and incentive are given in most cases to high level investors I don't know why?