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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Lena Acolatse
Lena AcolatsePartnership for Child DevelopmentGhana

Dear all,

Coming from a country (Ghana) and having worked in a few countries where there are rich agricultural lands, it is sad to see huge masses of the populace still living in extreme conditions of poverty, of which the majority are farmers or people involved in some form of small or medium scale agricultural enterprises.

My experience has thought me that though agriculture does play a huge role in the effort to eradicate extreme poverty, there is a large gap in it's ability to do so especially from post harvest losses (i have seen firsthand, produce that should have been sold to make money go bad and tossed to the rubbish heap simply because the "middleman" who promised to buy couldn't make it in time or there were rains which made the road unpassable), a basic lack of knowledge or no entrepreneurial skills on the part of the farmer among several other reasons.

It is true that agriculture, if harnessed correctly and partnered with other sectors such as education, knowledge sharing, infrastructural development agencies among others has a huge potential to eradicate extreme poverty in order to change the current status quo with respect to poverty eradication.

Best wishes,

Lena N. Acolatse (MSc)