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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Kuruppacharil V. Peter
Kuruppacharil V. PeterKerala Agricultural UniversityIndia

"Zero HungerIndia:Policies and Perspectives" is an edited book carrying 6 messages,6 preamples and 26 chapters authored by the best available expert in the topic.Transformation of India from a starving nation in 1947-1962(ship to mouth) to the present food surplus(farm to ship) country (278 million tones of food grains and 307 million tones of fruits and vegetables is the saga of political support and policy(Late Indira Gandhi and C .Subramaniam),use of science and technology and international collaborarion(M.S Swaminathan and N.E.Borlaug),hard working and toiling farmers of Punjab,Western UP,West Bengal,Tamil Nadu and Odisha,a well knit public distribution system led to GREEN REVOLUTION.Despite availability of food,access to food and horticultural produces is limited to only above middle class people."Among mountains of food grains, millions go to bed with out a meal" is a paradox.In 2013 the Indian Parliament enacted the National Food Security Act which made access to food-grains,pulses,millets- a right.An effective Targetted Public Distribution System came into existance.Distribution being digitalized, loopholes were plugged.Despite all the above measures India continues to host the worlds largest number of women and children anaemic.Child malnutrition is rampant-stunting, low birth weight and high child mortality.Population explosion and carrying capacity of the available natural resources -land, water,air-need to be reviewed.The book will be released on 7th August,2018 on the birth day of Prof.M S Swaminathan

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