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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Rutger Groot
Rutger GrootEast-West SeedThailand

Good input materials and training for farmers can boost their yields immensely! If farmers get access to good quality seeds (instead of deteriorating quality farmer saved seeds), good fertilizers and appropriate chemicals, they can make the next step. Government intervention creating a better enabling environment is required: taking away  seed import restrictions, shortening registration procedures and streamlining phytosanitary regulation.

Furthermore good training (knowledge transfer/extension/...) is required to bring smallholder farmers (who produce over 80% of world food production) to a higher level and become true rural entrepreneurs.

Thus they can improve their families' (rural) livelihood and enhance nutrition security. And thereby the root causes for migration are also taken away.

SubSaharan African farmers can really make a huge step for themselves and their environment if all parties join forces to support them: private companies to deliver good farm input materials and training, governments (to facilitate inputs and produce trade), donors (to fund training, irrigation and logistics projects) and NGOs to execute the projects.

Let's join forces and make Africa blossom again!