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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Alum Daisy
Alum DaisyMakerere UniversityUganda

The case of school feeding in Uganda, Small holder farmers have highly benefited in the HGSF program, households produce for their own consumption and are able to sell their surplus to the market or schools, this generates income and farmers are partly able to meet their nutritional needs. However, the farmers are likely to misuse the income to purchase non- food items and less nutritious foods and this has led to increasing levels of under-nutrition in the rural areas. I think this calls for need for nutrition education alongside the HGSF programs so that farmers are able to understand that despite the need for increased income they need to actually sustain good nutrition for increased productivity.

To link agriculture to poverty eradication in Uganda through HGSF the government needs to establish streamlined procurement procedures either through decentralized or centralized management so that small holder farmers achieve high economic benefit and sustainable development.