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Re: Mainstreaming biodiversity in agriculture, fisheries and forestry for improved food security and better nutrition

Mostafa Jafari
Mostafa JafariRIFR/ IPCC/IUFRO/ TPS for LFCCsIran (Islamic Republic of)

Dear Moderator and colleagues

Few important points need to be kept in mind in all discussion:

Biodiversity in forestry and fishery are mainly laid on natural species;

But in Agriculture, even though natural base origin species are playing very important role, but they are mainly modified by different means.

Attention should be made to the natural and modified species with clear distinctions.

Also the impact of climate change on biodiversity and its vulnerabilities should be considered sufficiently.

Finally the role of invertebrates in related to the food web chain are very crucial.

Hope all discussion have very practical out come to eliminate or eradicate poverty in all over the world.