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Re: Addressing water scarcity in agriculture: how can indigenous or traditional practices help?

Kuruppacharil V. Peter
Kuruppacharil V. PeterKerala Agricultural UniversityIndia

PITCHER system of irrigation is an age old and indigenous system of irrigation followed in Malabar the present North Kerala during summer in plantation crops like coconut, cocoa and arecanut. PITCHER consists of a porous earthern pot which can carry 5-10 liters of water. A hole is made at the bottom plugged by a long wig through which water droplets move to nearby soil to the tree. Each drop of water is used and a not a drop wasted. Once the soil is wetted the movement from the pot is stopped. The main advantages of PITCHER are conservation of water, needed based watering and very simple in technology. PITCHERS are modified to water vegetable nursery beds, rooting of grafts, management of excess moisture leading to soil borne diseases and above all the most viable and economical.