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Re: Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Aklilu Nigussie
Aklilu Nigussie Ethiopian Institutes of Agricultural ResearchEthiopia

To the question raised by Dr. Justin Chisenga

Do you have youth role models in agriculture in your countries?

Yes there are but very few in number and their success of degree constrained for different homogeneous and heterogeneous factors that determine the accelerative of achievement to optimum level.

Who are they?

They are public extension or scaling out of technology users [like crop varieties-food crop and cash crop (vegetables and fruit), poultry technologies user-(layer, broilers and dual purpose birds)] in the agro-pastoral communities and mid and highland agro-ecological zones of the country.

What have they done to serve as role models to other youths who want to engage in agriculture?

There is an experience sharing type of technological scaling out system that are implemented as a model system in Ethiopian Institutes of Agricultural Research which is known as organizing farm level field day with different stakeholders participation; with this day they will share all the SWOT of technologies implemented with for food security, income generation, and livelihood. Yet; the system needs other triangulated innovative modalities to encompass many different youth.

If yes, would you say they are doing well in their work?

I could say that with few degree of reservation as there are best ways of making them so productive and efficient with different innovative modalities of agricultural technologies use.