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Re: Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa


I am SOLANGE NYIRAGUHIRWA from Rwanda. I am doing PhD study in Morocco. 
I came from a rural area in Rwanda, where agricultural is practiced with a few knowledge (irrigation mainly from rain, poor knowledge on utilizing fertilize, not enough storage facilities….) But in all, I am glad that my government is putting really visible effort to advance agriculture. 
In Africa, the majority of populations are farmers but the export and revenues are low, or in the developed countries few people practice agriculture and the revenues/export are higher.
This conference will help all of us a lot to share knowledge; 
The government and all of us should find solutions so that from the price of agriculture products the farmers get the high percentage of revenue. And With so many graduates students in agriculture, we should provide farmers with essentials knowledge on using pesticides, weather information, digital innovation could help us in that.
Lastly,  government and others institutions should reinforce startup projects/ as well startup weekend focused on agricultures projects, where youth come together for weekend brainstorming agribusiness projects.