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Re: Towards a common understanding of Sustainable Food Systems

Kuruppacharil V. Peter
Kuruppacharil V. PeterKerala Agricultural UniversityIndia

Sustainable Food System is specific -ethnical,geographical,economic ,religious-and ecofriendly.The transformation of India from a food deficient country to a food exporting country is a sage of success of science and technology over low yielding traditional technologies where water and solar energy were in abundance.Despite higher availability of food, access to food is denied to 28-30% of Indias population(400 million people), more than the population of many developed countries in Europe and Asia.There are concerns on food production in view of shrinking space, water, energy and purchasing power due to unemployment.Climate change is affecting biodiversity.At present 12 crops sustain the food system and biodiversity of these crops-maize,wheat,rice,barley,millets, potato, tomato,capsicum,cole crops etc are getting affected.The three series UNDERUTILIZED AND UNDEREXPLOITED FORTICULTURAL CROPS(www.newindiapublishing;BIODIVERSITY OF HORTICULTURAL CROPS( and FUTURE CROPS( elaborate emerging new crops,dwindling biodiversity and possible crops of the future.The edited book ZERO HUNGER INDIA:POLICIES AND PERSPECTIVES published by Brillion Publishing New Delhi is compilation on the scientific and technological strength for a zero hunger India.