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Re: Towards a common understanding of Sustainable Food Systems

Krishna Rao Pinninti
Krishna Rao PinnintiClimate and Development Strategies LLCUnited States of America

This Draft is excellent in its comprehension and laying down a common framework for possible adoption with custom-designed localization (national, regional, territorial or other). Its major contribution is that it offers a set of plausible factors for conscious decision-making at different levels and sectors, recognizing various interlinkages. However, it falls short on relevant specifics: more illustrative best practice case studies or examples could motivate some of the principal stakeholders to aim at the attainment of various objectives in relation to SDGs (with due consideration of socio-economic as well as environmental impratives of the specific agroeconomic settings). Over the years there have been several good examples of practices; some is these included the role and contribution of FAO and other organizations in a variety of settings. The main limitations in many of these cases, however, is lack of scalability and or sustainable self-supporting mechanisms.

Greater emphasis on climate change-compatible adaptive sustainable agriculture will be useful.

On another issue, as long as large-scale farming that is directly or indirectly controlled by unaccountable multinationals promote consumption of unsustainable animal meats, the environmental fall out will continue to dominate many other offsetting activities such as organic agriculture. Similarly, if rise in personal incomes lead to excessive unsustainable and unhealthy food consumption, many of the normative concepts and approaches of SFS may deliver merely limited good results. 

Thank you for your efforts.

Krishna Rao Pinninti, Ph. D

Climate and Development Strategies, LLC