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Re: Towards a common understanding of Sustainable Food Systems

Ronald Jones
Ronald Jonesfisheries ecologistCambodia

Hi I have read the comments and the draft and I am always a bit dismayed at FAO FSN, HPLE et al. and the continual lack of acknowledgement of the importance that fish and fisheries especially small scale fisheries and  aquaculture  (coastal and inland) play in 'glocal' food security and nutrition. There are now many cross level forums, organization, state and non-state and academic processes that explicitly outline the key roles that fish, and other aquatic organisms play in securing rural livelihoods and health in the Global South as well maintaining resilient coastal communities around the world. This massive source of food for humanity and agriculture (feed) is now under serious under threat from multiple drivers and yet I sense that through this type of forum, we are still locked into thinking of food as almost entirely as an issue of sustaining terrestrial production; there are now key studies showing very important cross scale linkages connecting terrestrial and aquatic social ecological systems with the developing of sustainable food systems, beyond simplistic narratives of production and distribution; food and wider food systems (value chains) are best viewed as complex systems, encompassing diverse social and ecological dynamics so their sustainability should be seen in this context.

Ron Jones 

ARDC, Intl. Co. Ltd., Phnom Penh, Cambodia