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Re: Towards a common understanding of Sustainable Food Systems

Catherine Conil
Catherine ConilMinistry for the Ecological and Inclusive TransitionFrance

I have read the draft, and I would just like to make an observation about the definition of "sustainable Intensification" in particular on page 30 "Sustainable Intensification and the Sustainable Food Systems Approach have in common that they both address all three dimensions of sustainable development". In France, this agriculture has not the three dimensions of sustainable development. It is a way to minimizing the use of input but fundamentally not the way to change the agricultural practices. I understand that it is a theoretical concept, but the environmental dimension is not on the same level than agroecology for example, and it is difficult to see where the social is or the economic dimension. In theory and in practice, these kind of agriculture is not systemic.

Is it possible to indicate that the environmental dimension is approached and can have some impacts on social and economic dimensions?

Best regards

Catherine CONIL