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Re: Sustainable Development Goals - your story of creating a food secure world

Mainsah Gilbert
Mainsah GilbertNORSR CameroonCameroon

Ensuring  access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year round while working together with smallholder farmers

Agriculture is the largest employer in the world and the leading source of income and jobs for many households. Smallholder farmers despite their inadequate knowledge in advancing their awareness in modern farming technics are still providing up to 80 per cent of food consumed in the developing countries.

With limited knowledge they turn to use inorganic fertilizers and other products to increase their yields. Investing and working together with these smallholder farmers is an important approach in increasing food security, reducing malnutrition and undernourishment, controlling the volume of production per labour unit, the average income of food production and many other challenges faced by these smallholder farmers.

We at NORSR Cameroon are working together with smallholder farmers ensuring that all people have access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year round as such linking to poverty eradication and addressing malnutrion, ending hunger, ensuring access to nutritious food to everybody, increasing agricultural productivity and income, ensuring sustainable food production, maintaining the genetic diversity of seeds, as well as increasing investment in agricultural research and extension services, technology development through enhanced national, regional and international corporations.

Knowing very well that agriculture does not always reduce malnutrition, undernourishment and food security, it is our duty to work together with smallholder farmers, national and international organizations so that by 2030 we shall be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and SDG 2 in particular.