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Re: Sustainable Development Goals - your story of creating a food secure world

Dick Tinsley
Dick TinsleyColorado State UniversityUnited States of America

I have reviewed the opening comment and glanced through all the comments, or at least those in English. I have several diverse comments I would like to add, but will do so on separate comments with links to various pages on the Smallholder Agriculture website I Manage. I believe these comments apply to most developing countries.

The first comment is a major oversight in the approach to development. That is the operational limits face smallholders. The agronomist, which includes myself, do a great job of determining the physical potential of an area, but small plot research does not address the operational resources need to expand the small plot research to a full field, farm, or smallholder community. It just assume it is not a problem. It often blames non-compliance with agronomic research as limited education or risk aversion. However, when limited to just manual tools it takes up to 8 weeks for basic crop establishment with the farmers working as hard as possible, but perhaps limited by diet. The real need is to provide the farmers with access to some forms of contract mechanization to remove the basic drudgery. Who in a typical development project is responsible to determine the labour requirements, the availability of the labour, and what are the rational compromises when that labour is not available? Has this fallen into an administrative void between the agronomist and social scientists? Please review the following webpages:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​