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Re: Development of a Code of Conduct on Food Loss and Food Waste Prevention

Mhammad Asef Ghyasi
Mhammad Asef GhyasiCAF (Care of Afghan Families)Afghanistan

Dear Moderator.

Greeting from Afghanistan,

I would like to suggest in order to prevent food loss,

1-The near to expire food have to be donate to poor people inside or outside the country , I remember one of my colleagues from France, was explained, in France one of the organizations was responsible to collect the near to expire food from market and distribute to needy people before expiration. Like this we can prevent food loss, any marker owner or supplier who are not informing their near to expire food they need to be under sanction. Based on low, or the near to expire food price have to be lower for consumers.

2- As according to researches over weight/ obese people are increasing in developed countries , and that is a public health problem and individual problem for human being, and a lot of money is spending on the prevention of obesity and overweight , and overweight population  health care cost is very high, for each individual their need to be a low if gaining weight ,tax have to be increase based on their weight.

3- Good planning for food production is need for each country based on the consumption,  

4- Those countries who are using food as a control  or for political reasons of other poor countries, it need to recognize a international crime, and sanction have to be put on them.

Best regards

Dr. M .Asef Ghyasi

MD , nutrition diploma

CAF Senior Nutrition manager