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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition • FSN Forum

Re: CFS policy process on the development of the Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition

Ali Abdalrahman
Ali Abdalrahman Agriculture Research Center(ARC)ـ Agricultural Economics Research Institute(AERI) ـ Egyptian Ministry of AgricultureEgypt

Addressing rural poverty and food security


President of the International Union for Investment, Development and Environment

Food security is closely linked to economic growth and social progress in developing countries.

The food security agenda should focus on agriculture, which forms the basis of the livelihoods of many poor people and the backbone of rural economies in most developing countries and enable them to be successful food producers.

There is a need to support small-scale adaptation to changes in food demand and the challenges posed by evolving technology and sustainability requirements.

Small farmers need to improve market access, adapt and adopt appropriate technologies and institutional innovations and improve access to natural, financial, social and human capital.

Food security is related to food availability, distribution, variety, and income.

Priority of food availability in the face of increasing population requires increased productivity in agriculture around the world and reduction of pre- and post-harvest losses and food waste.

The establishment of open markets and special projects that are critical to the development and are an important part of achieving food security objectives.

Focus on sustainable entrepreneurship for local SMEs.

Empowering small farmers to break the subsistence cycle and become small entrepreneurs.

The vital contribution of farmers' organizations to make for the development of agriculture and rural communities.

Unless small farmers are organized, they will remain politically powerless and economically disadvantaged.