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FSN Forum in Europe and Central Asiapart of the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition

The Forum on Food Security and Nutrition in Europe and Central Asia (FSN Forum in ECA) is a regional multi-stakeholder platform on food security and nutrition where knowledge links with practice and policy decisions through a facilitated policy dialogue.

The regional FSN Forum is fully integrated into the overall activities of FAO’s Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) and based in the Agricultural Development Economics Division (ESA) in FAO. The Forum provides a channel in English and Russian to contribute to initiatives and voice ideas and concerns on food security and nutrition in the countries of the region.

Food security and nutrition policy dialogues in Europe,
the Caucasus and Central Asia 2016–2019

This publication is a compendium of the main outcomes of the online stakeholder dialogue organized by the project “Developing Capacity for Strengthening Food Security and Nutrition in Selected Countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia”, funded by the Russian Federation, in collaboration with the FSN Forum. It provides an entry point to the current thinking on the topics covered and allows reader to learn from what initiatives, project and actives are presently being implemented.

Avilable in: English | Russian

News on Food Security and Nutrition

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