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FSN Forum in Europe and Central Asiapart of the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition

The Forum on Food Security and Nutrition in Europe and Central Asia (FSN Forum in ECA) is a regional multi-stakeholder platform on food security and nutrition where knowledge links with practice and policy decisions through a facilitated policy dialogue.

The regional FSN Forum is fully integrated into the overall activities of FAO’s Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) and based in the Agricultural Development Economics Division (ESA) in FAO. The Forum provides a channel in English and Russian to contribute to initiatives and voice ideas and concerns on food security and nutrition in the countries of the region.

Ongoing regional activities


The way forward towards coherent policies for food security and nutrition in Tajikistan

The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan identified one of the Country Framework Programme’s priority areas as “enhancing national food and nutritional security and safety”. In this open online consultation, we would like to give you a space to share your views on what is most needed to design and implement coherent policies that mutually reinforce each other.

Open until:

A new deal for school gardening in Kyrgyzstan: developing a framework for a comprehensive policy approach

The online consultation will help to explore the linkages between school meals, nutrition education and agricultural production. It initiates a dialogue on a new role of school gardens in Kyrgyzstan with an opportunity to learn from school gardening initiatives and activities that are already in place in Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

News on Food Security and Nutrition

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    A new video presents the rationale behind EVAL-ForwARD , a Community of Practice on evaluation for Food Security, Agriculture and Rural Development jointly supported by the evaluation offices of FAO, WFP and IFAD. The objectives of EVAL-ForwARD are to enhance awareness and capacities at country-level about evaluation in the agriculture, food security and rural development sectors, with a close focus on the evaluation of efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2 – End Hunger.[...]
  • Call for Proposals: Small Research/Case Study Projects on Food and Nutrition Security Policy in Eurasia

    Introduction The Eurasian Center for Food Security (ECFS) in collaboration with the World Bank is pleased to announce a new round of competitive selection of small research/case study projects on food and nutrition security policy. The objective of this project is to foster collaboration between researchers in the Eurasia region to generate analytical evidence for policy makers, and produce a set of short analytical and educational case studies on a relevant food and nutrition policy topic. The call is open to researchers, lecturers and professors with an active research agenda on a broad[...]