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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition • FSN Forum


School food and nutrition programmes

The first webinar, held in Russian, began by showcasing the experience of the Russian Federation in the organization of school food programmes. This was followed by an introduction to the legal aspects of school meals and school gardening initiatives in Kyrgyzstan and a presentation on the development of the nutrition education curriculum in Tajikistan. Finally, the webinar introduced the school food and nutrition programme in Armenia including the setup of greenhouses.

Recording of the webinar: (in Russian)


The second webinar, held in English, explained FAO’s School Food and Nutrition Framework in addition to socio-economic considerations related to the implementation of school food programmes.
This was followed by good practice examples of school food programmes implemented in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mouans-Sartoux, France. 

Recording of the webinar: (in English)