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FSN Forum in Europe and Central Asiapart of the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition

Topic: Concepts and frameworks


Food Security and Nutrition Programme for Kyrgyzstan in Action – in search of an efficient policy implementation

The objective of the face-to-face Forum was to review challenges and to identify ways for an efficient implementation of the Food Security and Nutrition Program (FSNP) in the Kyrgyz Republic, including a stronger engagement of various stakeholders in a policy dialogue. The aim was also to strengthen the impact of the recent online-consultation on the program processes, including design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


Examining the linkages between trade and food security: What is your experience?

There are many ways that trade agreements and rules may influence food security positively or negatively. The relationship is complex and views about the effect of trade rules and agreements on food security vary substantially. What is your experience? How have trade agreements and rules affected the four dimensions of food security?