Supporting the improvement of food security in the Eurasian region and globally, enhancing environmental sustainability of agricultural production (in particular in response to climate change), and building the capacity to provide agricultural advisory services in international initiatives are some of the greatest challenges that the Eurasian Center for Food Security (ECFS) is currently facing.

To realize these tasks the ECFS is developing a dynamic food security community of specialists and practitioners that will link Russian, Eurasian and international research and educational institutions, and encourage knowledge-sharing on the latest data, research findings, and best practices. Laying this solid foundation, the ECFS is launching online consultations (Forum) that are open to everyone interested in the subject and calling on stakeholders such as governments, civil society organizations, research institutes, academia, universities and associations to engage in a constructive dialogue.

Towards a Eurasian Soil Partnership for food security and sustainable development

The Online consultation aimed at identifying ways to implement sustainable management of soils in the region and to contribute to the development of a joint platform of the Eurasian Soil Partnership (EASP) for food security under the framework of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP). The discussion engaged experts on soil resources in a constructive dialogue for on the soil partnership for food security, but also identified priorities for soil resources for portraying potential actions towards the sustainable management of soils in the Eurasian region that could be implemented by researchers, decision-makers, private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders. ... read more

26.08.2013 - 15.09.2013
Total contributions: 68

Food Security issues in the Eurasian region: major challenges and G8/G20 initiatives in relation with the regional situation

By attracting inputs from a wide set of stakeholders during the online consultation, the ECFS aimed at obtaining a clear picture of the main challenges to food security, of the impact of past and current policies, as well as understanding the priorities of different countries and stakeholder groups regarding the G8/G20 initiatives to address food security issues with a focus on increasing agricultural production and the solution of problems related to malnutrition affecting the population in the Eurasian region and other regions of the world. ... read more

22.05.2013 - 28.06.2013
Total contributions: 47


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How can social protection contribute to food security and nutrition in West Africa?

The FSN Forum in West Africa, a regional platform that help establish an effective dialogue between development stakeholders in the region,  launches  its first online discussion!    The first discussion tackles opportunities and challenges of social protection for improved food security and nutrition in West Africa. We invite you to share experience, knowledge and way forward of social protection programmes in the region. read more

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